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1989-2007 Kawasaki Ninja EX 250 CARBON SPORTBIKE MIRRORS

Price: $18.95

Brand new pair of SPORTBIKE mirrors.

To fit Kawasaki Ninja 250 1989-2007 (not 2008+).

These mirrors are similar in size and provide a similar amount of rear-view as your stock mirrors, but the one-piece metal stem and rounded shape give your Ninja 250 a much more modern look than the stock mirrors that date back almost 20 years.

High-impact ABS with carbon finish, these mirrors look awesome!

No modification is required, these mirrors bolt straight into your stock mounting points. Installation instructions and mounting bolts are included.

(These mirrors can still be installed even if your bike has accident-damage around the base of your existing mirror, they bolt directly into the fairing-stay, they do not rely on the integrity of the plastic fairing)

Note: During checkout your quantity will show as "1", this represents "one pair".