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1983-1997 Kawasaki Ninja ZX900 ZX1000 ZX1100 ZX9 ZX10 ZX11 HAYNES REPAIR MANUAL

Price: $26.95

Covers Kawasaki Ninja ZX900, ZX1000 & ZX1100. US models: Ninja ZX900A 1983-1986; ZX1000A (Ninja 1000R) 1985-1987; ZX1000B (Ninja ZX10) 1988-1990; ZX1100C (Ninja ZX11) 1990-1993, ZX1100D (Ninja ZX11D) 1993-1997... 

UK models: ZX900A (GPz900R) 1984-1996; ZX1000A (GPz1000RX) 1985-1989; ZX1000B (ZX10) 1987-1991; ZX1100C (ZZ-R1100) 1990-1992; and ZX1100D (ZZ-R1100) 1992-1997.

High quality product covers all systems, maintenance & repairs.

Hundreds of photos & color-wiring diagram showing complete disassembly and reassembly of the bike.

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